Let's talk about our work

Today, work is more flexible, creative, collective. It got even more so as the world recently got all reshuffled. With spaces, distance and relationships being revamped, with the biggest challenges ahead : we need new tools.

Humans & software

Today still, our work spaces promote hurried communication and Q&A as a pattern of collaboration. We need to escape superficial interactions as a norm and live meetings as constant backups. We decided to make human contributions and software ingenuity coexist.

The fast & the meaningful

Everyday, we struggle to communicate enough in the right timing. It's always too short or too long. Either evasive or nor fitting in the days. We need to stop choosing between engagement and efficiency. We need a new format and a new distribution.

The (net)work

More and more, work is about cooperative economic networks. But our work tools do not leverage those (net)work effects : a contact list does not raise aspirations. We need to transition from feeds to trusted sources of information & feedback. From databases to a talent exchange.

Content as a message

Communication for work is still based on the minimum actionable info. Not only does it miss the context, but the gained or lost value on relationships is invisible. We believe we should escape communication as a commodity. That's why we built content as a message.

Tomorrow's interfaces

Video is taking the world. But it's video for media presence. We believe video combined with visuals and audio will become the new interface. Our digital work environments will get closer to life, and that will make every interaction so much simpler and efficient. We applied this to messaging.

Come & try Frames

It's like meeting freely. Like recreating the team at any moment. Like work happening alone and together.

We can't wait to build it with you.